One Response to “STAY IN TOUCH: Sign up for Email Updates”

  1. Rick McCarthy Says:

    I posted an idea on the facebook page and emailed to the Costa Mesa City Council. I’d like to suggest that the citizens of Orange County should be given the right to purchase the Orange County Fairgrounds, ahead of any auction or sale. All we need is 1 Million people to come together, either here or on facebook, and donate $100 toward this goal. Each person could only donate 1 time, and each would be part owner of the property, and each would have 1 vote in the matter. If the State wants to get rid of the property, fine. I think it’s a mistake, but if we as residents purchase the property, we can decide how best to use it. By limiting how much interest can be purchased in the property, special interests would be locked out by the nature of the terms. Let’s talk about this, and block the sale until we can work this out.

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