Welcome to Save the Fair!

SavetheFairLogoThe cash-strapped State of California put the Orange County Fairgrounds on the auction block. Bids are due in January 2010. The City of Costa Mesa, where the property is located, has a General Land Use designation as Fairgrounds. If the voters of Costa Mesa do not lock in the zoning with a vote of the people it can be changed with only three votes of this or any future city council.

If the zoning is changed to residential or Retail/Office the property could be divided up and sold off into individual pieces. The residents of Orange County would lose forever the County Fair, Swap Meet, and Equestrian center – just a few of the of the uses the fairgrounds serves today.

Please sign up for the email newsletter below and add your name to the list of supporters to show our strong grass-roots support. We will keep you updated in the process as we move forward.

You can also go here to read my weekly Rigonomics columns on Saving the Fair, as well as other Costa Mesa and Newport Beach issues. Or check out my Twitter updates @jimrigheimer or @savethefair, or become a Facebook Fan.

Thanks for your interest and all the best,
Jim Righeimer


3 Responses to “Welcome to Save the Fair!”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    Great site and effort Jim!! I want the Fair to be around for my grandchildren and their children!!

  2. Mary Says:

    Thanks, Riggy!

    Let’s do it!

    I don’t know weather I am allowed to help you with the referendum or not, but if there is no conflict of interest, I will help circulate the petitions.

    We need to lock this deal in, solid!

    Thanks for what U R doing.

  3. John Says:

    Great site! Thanks for the info, will support! I live about 5 mins walking distance from the fairgrounds and I’d be really saddened if it was ever turned into more housing and retail! >< Last that I read that the City of Costa Mesa has multiple contracts with businesses/other agencies (maybe the state of CA too) & whoever buys the property has to keep it the way it is and cannot alter the property. Have you heard of this news or is it a rumor? Thanks again!

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