Save the Fair on KOCI

I was invited yesterday on KOCI 101.5 FM Sunday Brunch Show with Dr. Barry to discuss Save the Fair efforts to date. If you have not listened to them you should. They are a locally owned non-profit radio station that plays classic rock, local artist’s and cares about our community.

I explained how this community is working together to save the fair. Since we have started we have accomplished several goals. First we pushed (gently nudged) the Costa Mesa City Council to trust the public and put a zoning vote on the June 2010 Ballot. There was not a sense of urgency until we showed up. They agreed to put an initiative on the ballot and now the development community has backed off. Real Estate developers have enough problems in this economy without trying to fight the citizens of Costa Mesa.

Lastly, we have been urging the city of Costa Mesa to make an offer to buy the Fairgrounds from the state. The City council heard us and they voted to proceed with the process to make an offer to buy the property. We believe that for the good of everyone involved, this property should be owned by a public agency.

Our first choice would be for the City of Costa mesa to be that agency. The property is located in Costa Mesa and they have worked with the County Fair since becoming a city in 1953. If Costa Mesa wins the bid to buy the property we would ask the city council to put the purchase to a vote of the people on the same June 2010 ballot.

We believe that the citizens of Costa Mesa have the best interest for all concerned with keeping our beloved Fair, Equestrian center, Marketplace and Centennial Farm. Let’s continue working together to Save our Fair.

-Jim “Riggy” Righeimer


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